Next Level Performance AAU travel teams focus on giving players an opportunity to develop their skills in a competitive environment. We pride ourselves on developing winners by instilling principles such as leadership, discipline, respect, teamwork, and dedication. Players that participate on NLP travel teams will be better prepared to make the transition from middle school to high school and from high school to college.


SUPERSTAR – Every Tues and Thurs Bball Academy plus Travel Team membership $275 monthly

ALLSTAR – Every Tues or Thurs Bball Academy plus Travel Team membership $235 monthly

PRO –  Travel Team ONLY (Includes 1 team practice per week) $175 monthly



If you’re interested in participating or you just want more information about participating on one of our travel teams, please click the link below.


Practice times

Sunday’s at Future Stars Training Center (1000 E. Dominguez St. Carson CA. 90746)

13u-14u 2p-4p

10u-12u 4p-530p

Upcoming tournament dates

December 18th-19th

January 8th-9th

January 22nd-23rd

February 12th-13th

February 26th-27th

March 12th-13th

March 19th-20th


*  Shootouts are 1 day events

**  Tournaments are 2 or 3 day events


Our playbook might be a lot for new players to grasp initially but they will figure it out if they review this section often.

The most important plays to start with are:

  • Early offense (both drag and split options) this is our transition offense
  • Circle (Strong, weak and down options) vs MAN DEFENSE
  • 14 (hi post entry and low post entry) vs ZONE DEFENSE
  • 5 out vs MAN OR ZONE DEFENSE
  • BOX out of bounds play
  • CROSS out of bounds play




Typically, the game schedule will be available on Thursday the week of the tournament. I realize that is sometimes inconvenient but the tournament directors add teams at the last minute which makes it impossible to lock in a set schedule in advance.

Please arrive to each game at least 30 minutes prior so the player can stretch and start to focus on their responsibilities for the upcoming game.

Most of the games will be local. Many of the tournaments are in orange county due to larger venues. Most of our teams will play in at least one Las Vegas tournament each year which typically happens during the summer.

The travel team games are usually on Saturday and Sunday however, there are some exceptions. Some tournaments are held on 3 day weekends (Fri, Sat, Sun or Sat, Sun, Mon). The summer Las Vegas tournaments usually start on Thursday and if you keep winning, you might play until Sunday afternoon.

We do not charge an additional tournament fee on top of the monthly dues. Players can enter the event for free and typically parents have to pay a fee (usually $5-$12). Some events also charge for parking but in most cases, there is somewhere nearby that offers free parking. The tournament entry fee and parking fees have NOTHING to do with us or our program.

The Travel Ball season goes from September to September (similar to the school year). A player should play in the age group which reflects the age he/she will be at the end of the season. For example…A player that is 12 years old with a birthday of August 20th should play with the 13u team because they will turn 13 before the end of the season. There are also grade exceptions. If a player is too old but in the appropriate grade, they are considered a grade exception.

14u = 8th grade

13u = 7th grade

12u = 6th grade

11u = 5th grade

10u = 4th grade

There are also situations where a player might play at a grade level which reflects their skill level. Some players may play up in some cases and some may play down until they can compete at their grade level. These situations are dealt with on a case by case basis.