“My son is a 10th grader and has been taking private lessons from Brian for several months. It is a huge benefit to train with someone like Brian who has played at the highest level and is also young enough to know how the game is played today rather than some old coach who is stuck in the 1970s.

Brian is excellent for ball handling, fitness, footwork, jump training, etc .  It is also a huge plus that he has access to an indoor court as well as equipment such as Vertimax and automatic ball rebounder”
– Jeff M. son at PV HS

“NLP is a great program for all basketball levels. Coach Brian Seaton is very knowledgeable and creative with the regimen that will Improve and better your game on the floor and guide you to be better individuals off the court. He has personally trained my two sons and he helped them improve a lot!”
– Ricci F. sons at Narbonne HS

“The best all around training for basketball in southern California. Coach Brian is very thorough and has been a big help for my sons high school career.  I love the training my son gets. His programs has made my son a better all around athlete.”
– Herb son at Mayfair HS

“Brian and his trainers helped my son with skills, agility and his confidence! He is now playing Varsity Basketball at his Highschool.   Worth the investment if your son or daughter loves basketball.  He is great with kids of all ages!”
– Marlena A son at St Anthony’s HS

“Brian Seaton is a great basketball instructor. My son was 9 when he started. Now is has confidence to play the game. Brian is very encouraging to the youngsters. However, you still see results you are looking for. My son said he will play professional basketball. He said he is so happy we found Coach Brian. Bottom line it’s affordable, personable, training that would won’t find anywhere else. Thanks Coach Brian!”
– Danielle W. son in 5th grade

“Brian is as good as it gets. He coached/trained my high school boys for 4 years. He has a strong work ethic, dynamic personality and great sense of humor. I’ve seen him work with younger and older kids and he adjusts to the level he is instructing. Not only is the workout intense, but the improvement and results are rewarding for the hard work. Personally, he is professional and accommodating. He also commands the respect of the kids and parents alike. I would highly recommend NLP for all ages and levels of experience.”
– Louise H. son at LMU

“I can’t say enough good things about Brian Seaton and the Next Level Performance basketball academy.  My son loves basketball and we were lucky enough to find Brian and have my son go through a summer academy and private lessons.  Brian knows his stuff- Have him show you!  I only wish he had had his travel team when my son was looking for one.  He has it now I cant help but think it is top notch also.  My son loves Brian, and Brian is so patient with the kids.  Kids think he is cool (so do Moms and Dads!).  He has a quiet confidence about him that does not come off cocky at all.  Think top Kobe skills but with a wonderful attitude!   Also, Kenny is great too.  I can not recommend this place enough.    (And believe me we tried other local deals, including the local  pre-high school teams.  They were a joke compared to the training Brian gives kids).    SIGN YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER UP!  I ONLY WISH WE COULD GIVE HIM 10 STARS!!”
– Chris W. son at PV HS

“My daughter has been part of this program for over 5 yrs.  The training and service is outstanding.  The coaches are extremely professional.  My daughter is now a junior in high school and is being vetted by D1 coaches.  I highly recommend their service and training.”
– Annette S. daughter at Redondo Union HS

“Coach Brian is an inspirational coach.  My daughter was having problems with her shot and after just one session with Coach Brian, I can already see a significant improvement.  But the truly amazing thing was the change in her attitude.  Coach Brian talked to her at the end of the first session about having confidence on the court and feeling good about yourself as long as you have given your best even if you had a bad game.  I can see a difference in her next game that she was playing harder, with more confidence, as well as making some good shots!  She will definitely be continuing her training with Coach Brian.”
– Gloria L. daughter at Mira Costa HS

“My son has been training with Brian for the last five years.  Brian has helped my son’s game immensely.  I wanted him to originally work on his shot because the mechanics were all wrong.  Brian straightened that out in a hurry.  Being on the shorter side, Brian has also taught him crafty ways to get to the rim.  He evaluates kids very well and designs drills to strengthen their weaknesses.  He’s got a great demeanor; a good communicator and not a screamer.  More importantly, he is a solid, dependable person who takes his training seriously.  When my son lost his father, he was one of the constant figures that was there every week keeping my son’s mind and heart focused on basketball which at the time was the only thing that would put a smile on his face.  I would recommend Brian Seaton and Next Level to anyone who is looking to improve their basketball skills and serious about working on their game.”
– Leslie C. son at PV HS

“My son has been going to Coach Brain for the last 3 years and he is one of the best trainers out there.  He has a great calm demeanor which allows him the ability to relate to players at all levels from elementary to pros.  He has a great ability to challenge and motivate his players.  His individual sessions can be extremely challenging from both a skill and conditioning standpoint.  I just love seeing my son’s shirt soaked through to the waist only 20min into a session and watching him continue his work out 30 more minutes.  These type of workouts really foster great conditioning but also confidence in my son during difficult periods of the game.   My son has been able to elevate his level of play beyond our expectation under him.  He will not go to any other trainer so I have to drive him 1 1/2hr for training sessions. That should give everyone an idea how highly we regard him as a trainer/coach.”
– Jay Y. son at Troy HS

“Amazing program, nice facility, friendly staff…what else can you ask for? I’ve seen great improvement not only with my son’s skills but also with his attitude. Coach Brian constantly communicate with the students and parents regarding their progress. If you’re looking for an “A class” training for your kids of loved ones, N. L. P. is the place to be!!!”
– Ron H. son at Bishop Montgomery HS

“Great performance training for all ages. I have been a client since I was 16, I am now 21. If it wasn’t for NLP I would not have been able to get a basketball scholarship. They have helped me take my game to the NEXT LEVEL!!”
– Sheldon W. college bball player

“Highly recommended for young athletes who are serious about developing their basketball skills.  The coaches are nice and friendly and has a family atmosphere. Coach Brian is not only friendly but knows how to communicate with kids without bringing them down.”
– Heidi F. son in middle school