11u Brown 2-3

VS Blue Chip Academy 40-42 L

VS Beach Elite 25-23 W

VS 5on5 Hooperz 22-8 W

VS AVAC Hoyas 25-31 L

VS HB Hawks 26-37 L


The 11u Brown team lost in the semi finals to the team that won the tournament. Easily could've been our championship. After reviewing film, we have to do a much better job of passing the ball ahead to the open players. We also need to do a better job of helping when you're not guarding the ball. I thought we played solid all weekend but could've done much better. Can't wait to get Kolin and Nicholas out there so we can dominate the competition.

12u Grey 1-4

VS Mentally Fit L

VS Franklin 64-18 W

VS ??? L

VS Avac L

VS 5on5 Ballers 24-46 L


The 12u Grey struggled all weekend and still found themselves in a winnable game against the team that won the championship. We only had 5 players to start Monday's semifinal game due to a couple players being out. They doubled Riley all over the court and the other players were not able to step up enough to impact the game. Great experience for some of the players that don't typically play as much and they started to come around toward the end but it was too little too late.

13u White/Green 6-0


VS AVAC Ballerz 39-26 W

VS LA Pro 60-51 W

VS Cali Kings 49-37 W

VS BTI 56-40 W

VS Cali Kings 4136 W

VS LA Pro 58-33 W


The 13u white and green played together because several players planned on missing this weekend. I don't think we played our best but it was enough to go undefeated and get some pretty nice rings. When this team is playing well, I don't know if anyone can compete. Jett dominated inside all weekend, T1 is starting to attack the basket and finish as good as anyone. T2 dominated inside and out by playing every position on the court. Cayden lead the team and played tough defense as usual. Riley knocked down several 3's and made some pretty good passes... There were multiple other amazing contributions, the list goes on and on. Great job guys, I can't wait to see this team in Vegas.

14u Black 1-3

VS Beach Elite 22-32 L

VS Blue Chip 52-44 W

VS MSP Celtics 45-49 L

VS GG Hoyas 38-39 L


The 14u black team played great all weekend. Kinsey definitely played his best games. We were short-handed and little 11 year old Q had to step in to play PG for the team on Saturday and did a great job. Even Devin Devin from the 13u team played and made a couple of big plays. On Sunday, they were down almost 20 points before coming back to win a close game. The players were really excited before the administrator said we were disqualified because some of our players were playing in 2 different divisions which is a new rule they are enforcing. It was disappointing however, since we were shorthanded, we would've lost or forfeited without the extra players anyways. The players did really well and will hopefully keep building off that success.