14u Blue 3-2

2nd place

VS South Bay Stars 31-28 W

VS Monarch Elite 31-43 L

VS Monarch Elite 45-41 W

VS UVP 42-24 W

VS South Bay one 30-41 L


The 14u played up in a division with 15 and 16 year olds. Overall, they played amazing. On Saturday, they started off slow and could've played much better but on Sunday they came to play. They beat a tough team that beat us by 12 on Saturday. Jett, Harper, Jayden and Jordan played the entire game and held it down. In the semi-finals, they blew the other team out by smothering them on defense. In the championship game, we ran out of gas. Our execution could've been better and we could've played much smarter as a whole. In the moment, I was very frustrated with the team but in hindsight, we were there to get better and I know for a fact that multiple players got better. Once Ray is back, I'm sure we'll dominate all of those teams!


15u red 0-3

VS LB Sixers 31-40 L

VS PV Cagers 36-41 L

VS Team Why Not 22-36 L


The 15u red team struggled all weekend. The team needs a couple weeks of practice to get everyone on the same page. The execution was sloppy and the defensive intensity needs improvement but I'm sure we can fix it.

16u Purple 2-2

3rd place

VS LB Sixers 38-41 L

VS PV Cagers 33-28 W

VS WPT 54-38 W

VS Team Why Not 37-48 L


The 16u Purple team did solid but the execution was not up to par. They need a little more practice time to get everyone on the same page. Kevin Talley, Ky and Issac all showed flashes of what they can do as the team develops. Harper played with a lot of heart all weekend but still came up short.
Hopefully they keep moving in the right direction.