11u Brown 1-2

vs LA Storm 33-27 W

VS cali rebels 20-39 L

Vs PV Breakers 21-37 L


12u Yellow 0-3

VS Mana basketball 24-45 L

VS La Storm 22-38 L

VS Precision Basketball 33-34 L


12u Grey 0-3

VS PTBA 15-36 L

VS Mana Basketball 12-56 L

VS FBA 16-27 L


13u White 1-3

VS Pasadena Elite 37-51 L

VS Truth Future 30-51

VS Aces 30-15 W

VS Blue Chips 45-48 L


13u Green 5-0


VS ACES 43-18 W

VS TEAM Legacy 48-38 W

VS FBA 41-23 W

Precison BBall 49-22 W

VS ACES Black 33-28 W


14u Black 2-2

VS ACES Black 33-39 L

VS Jumpshotz 34-17 W

VS PTBA 43-35 W

VS Hacienda Lions 18-35 L


14u Blue 4-1

2nd place

VS PV Breakers 62-29 W

VS 5on5 ballerz 46-40 W

VS Brea Ballers 42-41 W

VS Spardemy 55-46 W

VS LA G1 Elite 46-64 L



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