Shooting 30 minutes

  • Shuffle corner from wing off of penetration and kick
  • Curl into shot off down screen
  • Curl into jab step into 1 or 2 dribble pull up
  • Transition pump into rip 1 or 2 dribble pull up from wing
  • Penetrate baseline and skip to wing….One more for corner shot

Passing 20 minutes

  • Backdoor passes (like circle)
  • Pick and roll, pass to roller between defenders
  • Curl off down screen and  pass to screener rolling
  • Ball fake from wing into Skip pass into pump fake 1 dribble pull up
  • Full court passes up the sideline and hit the rim runner for lay up

1on1 Moves 20 minutes

  • Attacking from wing jab 2 dribbles into setback
  • Attacking from the wing, jab, quick change direction, 1 dribble into turnaround
  • Attacking from wing, shimmy 2 dribbles behind snatch into sidestep
  • Attacking from the wing, shimmy 2 dribbles into behind snatch, 1 dribble into stepback
  • Kyrie finish…(Finish with both hands)
  • Wing transition into bull dog, change direction, into Kyrie finish

Downscreens/stagger screens with live defense 20 minutes