11u Brown 2-0

VS Cali Kings 50-30 W

VS The Lab 50-20 W


The 11u Brown team played really well this weekend. They shared the ball really well. They played man to man defense without getting lost and made a lot of fastbreak lay ups. Multiple players scored in double figures because of the defensive pressure which led to easy baskets. The communication was also better than previous weeks. Hopefully this builds some momentum and they can continue to improve.

12u Yellow 1-1

VS HCE Los Alamitos 49-11 W

VS Cali Kings33-21 L


The 12u Yellow team played great in their first game vs HCE. Our defense was much to much for them. We were able to hold them to 11 points all game. In the second game vs Cali Kings, we lost. Only scored 21 points which is just not enough. The other team had a dominant big man that gave us a lot of trouble and we just couldn't figure it out.

13u White 2-0

VS Irvine Ballers 75-22 W

VS DOXA 72-20 W


The 13u white team was not challenged very much this weekend. They dominated both games by 50+ points. Everyone played very well. Jett almost dunked on T1 lol, Marcus made several really strong moves near the basket, Riley scored at will and the defense was outstanding. I'm very proud of the way they took care of business, I probably should have entered them in the 14u division.

14u Black 1-1

VS HCE 38-40 L

VS Pasadena Elite 52-43 W


The 14u black team played well. Jay and Kinsey were dominant inside. Alex did a great job handling the point guard position. Everyone was able to score a few points. The team still needs to a better job with making better passes as well as knocking down shots.

14u Blue 2-0

VS HCE 33-19 W

VS 562 Royals 43-40 W Overtime


The 14u Blue team played really well in spurts. Jayden scored and passed the ball really well. He had 20+ points in the final game which went into overtime. After falling behind in regulation, we had to foul and hope they miss their free throws. Jayden passed up a tough shot to hit Josh in the corner for a wide open 3 point buzzer beater which sent the game to overtime. In overtime, Jayden got a steal and a fastbreak lay up to start overtime. Shailen got an offensive rebound and putback to go up 4 points. Everyone stepped up late in the game to contribute and we were able to pull off a come from behind win.


If you participated in this tournament and you would like to share a comment about the games or shout out someone that did really well, please do so here.

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