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# Avatar Name Points Level
1 Azike Nwankwo 581 All Star
2 Jared Tran 501 All Star
3 Quinn Tamashiro 491 Rookie
4 Alexthegreat 488 All Star
5 Sean Kim 464 All Star
6 Andrew 397 Rookie
7 Leah 362 Rookie
8 GOAT GOAT 351 All Star
9 Evan Tsurui 347 Pro
10 Reese Whitman 285 Rookie
11 Dylan Choi 251 Rookie
12 Alex Kim 238 Rookie
13 Harper Whitman 181 Rookie
14 jsaiki 142 Rookie
15 sanorarebell85 115 Rookie
16 Nigel Cooper 112 Rookie
17 Max Wu 87 Rookie
18 Nigel Cooper 81 Rookie
19 Alexander Martinez 72 Rookie
20 crocdogcya 70 Rookie


14 Point Awards

  • earned 10 points for registering
  • 1 Point for 1 time
  • earned 5 points for logging in today
  • earned 5 points for completing a lesson
  • earned 5 points for completing a lesson
  • earned 10 points for passing a quiz
  • earned some points for watching a video
  • earned 10 points for passing a pop quiz
  • earned 5 points for cashing out a coupon
  • earned 5 points for nominating someone
  • earned 2 points for getting nominated by someone
  • earned 15 points for referring someone to our website
  • earned 25 points for getting the Live Workout Warrior badge
  • earned 5 points for commenting on the post

1 Point Deduct

  • lost 10 points for failing a quiz

NLP Cash

Live Workout Warrior

25 Points

4 Required Steps

Bigtime BALLER

25 Points

You must complete the creating space foundations workout with coach B.
-You must be at ‘Allstar’ level.

He’s on FIRE

25 Points

Knock down 3 three pointers in a row during a workout with coach B
-You must be at ‘Allstar’ level.

Amazing STUDENT Athlete

50 Points

You’re dominating on the court and in the classroom!
Great job!
-You must be at ‘Allstar’ level.

200 for $20

20 NLP Cash

Are you ready to start trading in those points for NLP cash?
-You must be at ‘Superstar’ level.

2 Required Steps

  1. Reach the ‘Superstar’ level
  2. Trade 200 points for $20 of NLP Cash



You are a STAR and everyone knows it.
Keep working hard, you’re on your way to ‘GOAT’ status!

All Star

Can you get to the NEXT LEVEL?

6 Requirements


You’re on your way!

3 Requirements


You gotta start somewhere

Live workouts are every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm. The meeting password is ‘NLP’

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