11u Brown 3-1


VS Mentally Fit 27-42 L

VS 5on5 Playmakerz 42-10 W

VS LB Sixers 24-9 W

VS 5on5 Playmakerz 26-10 W


The 11u Brown team played a their best tournament so far. The team is starting to come together. Duckworth, Max, Josiah and Kolin are dominating out there. Keep up the great work guys!!


12u Yellow 2-1

2nd place

VS FVB blue 51-49 W

VS LB Sixers 49-41 W

VS FVB Blue 29-45 L


12U Yellow lost in the championship against a strong team the we were able to beat on Saturday. We have to improve our decision making and make reads faster to dominate the better teams. Good weekend overall though.

12u Grey 0-3

VS Precise basketball 21-27 L

VS RH Basketball Academy 12-26 L

VS FVB white 12-27 L


The 12u Grey team got beat up all weekend. We have a ways to go but as the players get better individually and play more games together, they'll be ready to step it up.

13u White 2-2

VS 5on5 Ballerz 30-36 L

VS OC Pride 43-30 W

VS 5on5 Hooperz 37-27 W

VS LB Sixers 23-31 L


The 13u white team played up in the 14u division and did pretty well. On Sunday, they played a strong team and managed the game very well but eventually lost to the team that went on to win the championship. We couldn't match their physicality and got pushed around in the first half, by the time we adjusted, there wasn't enough time to overcome the 1st half deficit.

13u Green 3-0


VS 5on5 Hooperz 57-8 W

VS Precise basketball 43-41 W

VS Precise basketball 45-26 W


13u green dominated all weekend! The big guys inside were just too much for the other teams. Air Devin showed up and gave the team a huge boost on Sunday. Andrew, T1 and Shane played great all weekend.

14u Black 2-1

VS 5on5 hooperz 52-43 W

VS Rebels 55-52 W

VS OC Pride 37-45 L


The 14u black team played well all weekend. Jay dominated around the basket. Andrew D has played solid and Alex has done well as PG. We really just need a few more players to step up and make good decisions in order to get over the hump.


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